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Written by Yaprak Eken

10 February 2022


Segmentify 2021 Year in Review [Infographic + Video]

Online shopping is a lot different now than in its early days in the 1990s; eCommerce has become a bigger and more prominent part of our daily lives. Today, eCommerce customers expect a certain kind of shopping experience. And if you’re not offering that, they simply go somewhere else. As a result, eCommerce businesses are always on the lookout for the next big thing to differentiate themselves from their competitors, which is why the eCommerce industry is changing at unprecedented rates. A great solution can change your year and, consequently, your life. That is why we’re taking a glimpse into Segmentify’s 2021—to show you how much difference the right solution and a year can make.

In the video and infographic below, we’re taking a look at some key data and information from 2021 regarding Segmentify’s Personalised Solutions, including Personalised Product Recommendations, Personalised Search and Personalised Push Notifications.

The highlights of 2021 for Segmentify include:

  • 10% increase in the total revenue of Segmentify’s customers

  • 111% increase in Segmentify’s revenue contribution

  • 118% more product sales and 68% more revenue generation with Segmentify’s Personalised Product Recommendations

  • 75% more clicks, 2.5x more revenue generation, and 26% more product sales through 404 error pages.

  • 577 million search inquiries done through Segmentify Personalised Search

  • 54% more clicks and 54% more traffic with Segmentify Personalised Push Notifications

  • 2x more clicks and 5x more revenue generation with Segmentify’s abandoned cart scenarios

  • 91% more products sold, 57% contribution increase, and 117% more revenue through push notifications during Black Friday 2021

We will continue to work towards our goal to help online retailers optimise their conversion rates by enabling them to deliver a unique shopping experience for each visitor. Let’s transform eCommerce together!

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