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Category: eCommerce

The Quick Commerce Business Model

Quick Commerce, or Q-commerce, is one of the most significant industry developments that came out during COVID-19. In 2021, Q-commerce formed 36% of online shopping purchases and will continue to increase even faster. What is Quick Commerce? Quick commerce is a subcategory of eCommerce with rapid on-demand delivery, meaning that orders are typically delivered within ...

15 Nov 2022
A History of eCommerce & What the Future Holds for eCommerce

eCommerce has become as much a part of most people’s lives as retail shopping was 20 years ago, especially with the push of COVID-19. Chances are you’ve made an online purchase – a new song, clothing item, or even something more substantial – within the last few weeks. It’s probably a safe bet that your ...

27 Oct 2022
Scary eCommerce Stories to Tell in the Dark: Spooky Failures

Did you know that 78% of eCommerce businesses fail within the first year of starting up? If that doesn’t come off as that big of a number, here is another thrilling statistic for you: %90 of eCommerce businesses cannot even survive their first 120 days. Let’s see what leads to their failure so early on ...

25 Oct 2022
Converting Product Pages | 6 Examples & 10 Tips for Consumer Electronics

Product pages are essential for your eCommerce website since that is where the sales happen. It is an excellent place for visitors to build trust and decide on buying the product. Here are 6 fantastic examples and 10 great tips for your electronics eCommerce website to check out and implement! According to a recent eMarketer ...

18 Oct 2022
Best Payment Methods of All Time for Your eCommerce Store

The eCommerce industry has grown extraordinarily in the past decade. Since it has advantages like saving time, providing access to better product alternatives, and simplifying the buying process without even leaving your home, millions of people have started to choose online shopping over in-store shopping. The merchants are very well aware of this great potential ...

12 Sep 2022
Mobile App Marketing for eCommerce

In today’s world, we do everything on our phones including shopping. You have likely purchased at least one item via your mobile phone. Most eCommerce businesses offer websites and mobile applications for their customers to buy their products. Usage of mobile is dominating desktops, since 58% of online visits came from smartphones in 2021. Therefore, ...

07 Sep 2022
Social Commerce 101: A Guide

Social media has become a massive part of our daily lives. We spend time on social media to either have fun, relax, communicate, or… for shopping! The amount of people who use social media platforms for shopping is immensely high. So, how about turning this situation into a big profit for your brand? Let’s dive ...

29 Aug 2022
How to Effectively Use Pop-Ups in eCommerce [+Teknosa Success Story]

Every eCommerce marketer wants to get the attention of their visitors. One of the best ways for this is to use pop-ups. With different designs, colours and messages, pop-ups are, without argument, one of the most effective marketing strategies for eCommerce websites. Let’s get on with our Pop-Up blog article about its definition, different types, ...

23 Aug 2022
What is One-to-One Marketing? Definition, Tips, Examples

One-to-one marketing is perhaps the most popular marketing strategy for eCommerce websites at the moment. One-to-one marketing is the name we use to define the practice of creating a unique and optimal experience for your customers using data from their activities online. While it is not entirely new, one-to-one marketing has been around since the ...

16 Aug 2022
TikTok Marketing Strategy: Tips and Examples for eCommerce, B2B, TikTok Shopping & TikTok Ads

If your eCommerce business’s target audience is aged between 18 to 24, which is almost 42% of all TikTok users, TikTok is the ideal place to market your products to this demographic.  With more than 1 billion active monthly users, TikTok is the next best social media platform for companies. Additionally, after Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, ...

12 Aug 2022
Content Marketing for eCommerce

As an eCommerce company, you must have a strong content marketing game. Content marketing is not only written content such as emails and blogs but also social media, videos and podcasts. Let’s get on with what Content Marketing is and its benefits for eCommerce businesses! What is Content Marketing? It is a type of digital ...

05 Aug 2022
Top 8 Benefits of Podcast Marketing for eCommerce Content Strategy

It’s 2022. The chances are that you and your friends are following multiple podcasts, know someone doing a podcast, or maybe you have your own podcast. But how does podcast marketing for eCommerce work exactly, and how does it help with the content marketing strategy? In today’s episode, we are learning about the benefits of ...

18 Jul 2022