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Category: eCommerce

How to Develop a Robust Customer Segmentation Strategy in 5 Steps

In today’s competitive eCommerce landscape, businesses must find ways to stand out from the crowd and keep customers coming back for more. One of the most effective strategies for achieving this is customer segmentation, which divides customers into distinct groups based on common characteristics or behaviours.  Businesses can better engage customers, build loyalty, and increase ...

28 Mar 2023
The Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping

Do you want to list your products and increase the visibility of your business? Google Shopping is a powerful tool to drive sales and conversions. Additionally, it allows businesses to reach potential customers without paying for advertising. What is Google Shopping? Google Shopping is a service provided by Google that allows users to search for ...

23 Mar 2023
11 Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips to Boost Conversion

Valentine’s Day is a special day celebrated in many countries on February 14 of every year. In 2023, Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on a Tuesday. Almost everyone gives gifts to their significant others that integrate with the spirit of this day and express their love. Flowers and chocolate are the forerunners of these gifts. ...

25 Jan 2023
Look for Opportunities on Your On-Site Search Page

A customer who searches for something on your website already intends to buy something. But don’t let that mislead you, and don’t stop doing better. There are still ways to create a better experience for your customers and lead them to the right products, all the while increasing your average order value and conversion rate.  ...

23 Jan 2023
How to Build an Email List that Converts

The oldest digital marketing channel, email, still retains a huge deal of influence on marketing. So, it is needless to say that you should set a good email marketing strategy. Not that we haven’t talked about email marketing and why it is so effective before.  To carry out those practices, however, you surely need an ...

10 Jan 2023
Top 20 eCommerce Trends for 2023

eCommerce has faced tremendous growth in previous years. The pandemic in 2020 and 2021 and the cost of living crisis in 2022 have shaped the future of eCommerce. The aftermath of the events in the world will be seen in this industry. Here are the 20 hottest trends that will shape the future of the ...

09 Jan 2023
2023 Marketing Holiday Calendar: Dates You Shouldn’t Miss

Cat Day, Paper-clip Day… Talk Like a Pirate Day! Oh yes, there are many days to celebrate. As well as they are ways to have fun, commemorate, or appreciate anything of any kind, they are also important days for eCommerce businesses. They promise many opportunities and gains if you play it right. There are some ...

21 Dec 2022
Top 9 Q-Commerce Predictions for the Next Decade

Q-commerce came into our lives with the COVID-19 pandemic. It is growing steadily and is anticipated to grow by 24% between 2020 and 2024 to reach $20 billion in the MENA region.  A high number of the startups that were established during the pandemic were Q-commerce businesses. They will continue to increase and have a ...

22 Nov 2022
The Quick Commerce Business Model

Quick Commerce, or Q-commerce, is one of the most significant industry developments that came out during COVID-19. In 2021, Q-commerce formed 36% of online shopping purchases and will continue to increase even faster. What is Quick Commerce? Quick commerce is a subcategory of eCommerce with rapid on-demand delivery, meaning that orders are typically delivered within ...

15 Nov 2022
A History of eCommerce & What the Future Holds for eCommerce

eCommerce has become as much a part of most people’s lives as retail shopping was 20 years ago, especially with the push of COVID-19. Chances are you’ve made an online purchase – a new song, clothing item, or even something more substantial – within the last few weeks. It’s probably a safe bet that your ...

27 Oct 2022
Scary eCommerce Stories to Tell in the Dark: Spooky Failures

Did you know that 78% of eCommerce businesses fail within the first year of starting up? If that doesn’t come off as that big of a number, here is another thrilling statistic for you: %90 of eCommerce businesses cannot even survive their first 120 days. Let’s see what leads to their failure so early on ...

25 Oct 2022
Converting Product Pages | 6 Examples & 10 Tips for Consumer Electronics

Product pages are essential for your eCommerce website since that is where the sales happen. It is an excellent place for visitors to build trust and decide on buying the product. Here are 6 fantastic examples and 10 great tips for your electronics eCommerce website to check out and implement! According to a recent eMarketer ...

18 Oct 2022