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Three Campaigns for a Successful Homepage

Your homepage is everything! It’s the first page your first-time visitors encounter and your loyal customers keep coming back to. Without a doubt, it’s safe to say that your homepage serves as your display window for online shoppers.

What exactly is an effective homepage?

The definition of ecommerce effectiveness is actually quite simple: conversion! However, achieving this requires attention to a lot of details. You need to focus on your UX, the tone of your speech and your communications strategy. It all starts with your homepage.

Use the space strategically

As a smart ecommerce store owner, it’s important to leverage your homepage effectively. You need to provide enough information about yourself, while successfully avoiding an overabundance of information. Every element you display on your website should be chosen strategically, keeping in mind that you have a little more than 50 milliseconds to introduce yourself effectively, to speak directly to your target audience and to convince them to stay.
The easiest way to your visitors’ hearts is to show them the exact products they’re looking for, which starts from the second they click on your website. Try these three types of campaigns to optimize your homepage to its fullest:

1) Start right with Smart Offers

Our Smart Offers algorithm is the perfect way to greet your first-time visitors and strengthen your relationships with frequent customers. It shows first-time visitors the most popular products of the month, and shows returning visitors the most popular products in their favorite categories.
Intelligent machine learning technology enables e-commerce businesses to bypass the Cold Start problem by gathering crucial information on first-time visitors, and using that data to generate relevant recommendations.
Displaying Smart Offers campaigns on your homepage will effectively meet your needs, and convert your visitors into customers.

Start right with Smart Offers

2) Refer to previous interactions with recently viewed products

Recently viewed products are actually just semi-purchases that need a little extra push. Display the specific products each customer has viewed during their last visit to your online store. The recently viewed products algorithm is fully-personalized, and remembers specific products people have previously viewed. It’s based on the simple principle that if you are exposed to a product enough times, you will automatically develop a preference for it. This is one of the most useful widgets you can display on your homepage, since you can be 100% certain that customers will like what they see!

Combine recently viewed products with discounts

Luckily, you can combine multiple algorithms to your campaigns. Try strengthening your recently viewed campaigns by adding discounts to those products! Create an almost irresistible urge to buy immediately!
Refer to previous interactions with recently viewed products

3) Show your visitors that this is a living website with a steady stream of new arrivals

Ecommerce shoppers are impatient. They like to see dozens of different products in a minute, and they want to feel like the website they are purchasing from is up-to-date enough to consistently provide them with newly-arrived products.
By displaying new arrivals on your homepage, you can reassure your customers that you will continue to provide them with new products, while letting them know about the upcoming season!
Show your visitors that this is a living website with a steady stream of new arrivals

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