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Three Unique Solutions for Three Different Sectors

As your customers move down the conversion funnel, starting from your Homepage and continuing to your Category Page, the next place they will come to is your Product Page. This is where they actually get to view the products they love, and touch them through their screens.

E-commerce websites with good track records on converting their visitors into paying customers all pay a remarkable amount of attention to each of their product pages. Whether you’re selling baby clothes or construction gear, many of the details are non-negotiable regardless of the industry.

No matter what you’re selling, your product pages must have clear imagery, accurate product descriptions and inviting CTAs. However, this might not always be so easy. Each industry is different and has different target audiences. As such, they all require a different approach. That’s why we have three industry-specific solutions for three different industries.

1) For Retail – Never send empty handed

Retail continues to be the leading industry within e-commerce. However, it speaks to an audience so wide, it’s difficult to specifically define. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. First of all, you need to have very skilled copywriters who possess a magical ability to individually communicate with multiple groups of people at once. Second, of course, you need technology!

Create Scarcity

Both online and offline, retail is a self-nurturing loop which benefits companies. Retail customers are very much aware that if they don’t act fast enough, another customer will. So why not leverage this?

Add stock countdowns to your product pages, showing how many you have left of the particular product your visitors are viewing at any moment. Once the number starts to go down, your sales will go up!

After out-of-stock, comes Alternative Products

With our Alternative Products algorithm, there’s no need to worry about what will happen once the stock countdown hits zero. With a stock countdown, your customers will rush to purchase the products they like, leaving you with a large number of out-of-stock notices. Keep in mind that out-of-stock notices can also be amazing sales opportunities.

Displaying our Alternative Products algorithms on your product pages will not only offer you great opportunities for up-selling, but will also offer instant relief to your Sales Manager. Once you run out of your visitors’ favorite items, we’ll be right there recommending the next best product, based on your customer data set, in order to make sure you score yet another sale!

2) For Food & Beverages – Recommend what goes best with?

No one can resist the warm smell of a home-cooked meal. And no one can resist clicking on a ‘15-minute dinner recipe’. If you happen to sell a large variety of foods, this is a great opportunity for you!

Don’t give them fish, give them onion-glazed salmon

On the product page for each item, add mini-recipes that include the product your customers are viewing. Choosing titles accordingly will give you an advantage. State how effortless this recipe will be, and how little time it will take by showcasing it with wording like ‘Dinner for two in 15 minutes’, or address busy professionals by saying ‘Easy dinner recipe with leftovers you can take for lunch the next day’.

If you want to go a step further, add the name of the product they are already viewing to the title. If they’re currently on the product page for apples, it’s almost impossible not to click on ‘10-Minute apple chicken salad with curry sauce’. Once they start reading the ingredients in the recipe, there’s your opportunity for a quick up-sell. Strategically locate a CTA button that reads ‘Add all items to basket’. Bon appétit!

Another way of accomplishing the same thing is with Complementary Products

The best chef in town is our Complementary Products algorithm! You can either use it to offer your customers multiple recipes for each ingredient, or offer them complementary items that go best with the ones they’re viewing on the product page.

3) For Tourism – Make it convenient

Tourism shares a lot of similarities with retail. But its tone is completely different, compared to other industries. Unlike retail or food & beverages, tourism often deals with larger dollar amounts, one-time only purchases and much longer decision periods. One of the best ways to influence a customer continues to be through other customers.

Always include helpful reviews from your customers, and allow visitors to take into account all the feedback your previous customers have provided on the hotel or the facility they’re viewing. For a decision this big, transparency is always the best policy for long-term customer loyalty.

You’re selling an experience, so Recently Viewed plays a big role

Deciding on a vacation is tough call. Give your visitors the option to rethink all the options they recently viewed. They might need to come back again and again before making a final decision. Display our Recently Visited algorithm on the pages of the hotels or facilities they’re currently viewing, to show them they can take their time in finding the perfect vacation!

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