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6 Free Email Marketing Templates that Really Work

People think that e-mail marketing loses effectiveness on marketing strategy but they are wrong;
Email is still in demand.

E-mail marketing improves a lot, here are some examples:
  • Generates leads and revenue
  • Drives more traffic to your store
  • Increases conversion rate and brand awareness.

I may not be clear about the e-mail in the paragraph above. To clarify, let’s give some statistics and gain insight about e-mail marketing that every business owners should know:

  • There are over 4.35 billion e-mail accounts. This number will reach 5.59 billion by 2019.
  • Approximately, there are 2.586 billion e-mail users worldwide and this number corresponds more than 34% of the people worldwide.
  • Everyday, people send about 196 billion emails and 109 billion of them are business emails.
  • 91% of customers check their email daily.
  • 60% of the marketers say that email marketing as a ROI-producing activity.

According to the statistics, we can see how important it is. Let’s scrutinize about why email marketing is important. After that, I’ll show you 6 free, easy to implement and mobile friendly email marketing templates and best practices how to use them.

Here are the reasons why you should start doing email marketing campaigns:
  1.  Promote your brand effectively
  2.  Track your performance and create reports
  3.  Cost effective marketing strategy
  4.  Customize and Personalize your outreach.

Why is email marketing important?

  • It’s an effective way to promote your brand.

Email marketing provides great opportunities to promote your brand and increase user engagement. When you share your latest deals, promotions and coupons, your business will be fresh and stick in their mind. Keep them informed with convenient emails, these actions will increase user engagement and brand awareness.

  • Tracking and Reporting

Email marketing softwares provide tracking and reporting features. By using these features, you can measure important metrics like;

  •  Open rate
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  •  Customer engagement
  •  How many people unsubscribed.

Also, you can easily monitor your email marketing performance and how it affects sales and leads on your e-commerce website. Because of it’s measurable, you can see what is working or what is not and you can take actions to improve your strategy to increase your revenue.

  • Cost-Effective

Email marketing lets businesses to reach large number of customers in an easy, effective and cost-effective way. Email marketing softwares like MailChimp allow business owners to send 12,000 emails and 2000 subscribers in a month for free. 95% of companies using email marketing. If you don’t want to fall behind in the competition, you have to use email marketing.

  • Customizable and Personalized

Email marketing softwares provide the ability to segmentate your audience, so you can separate your customers into different groups. When you segment your subscribers, sending targeted mails becomes easier. You can send convenient and relevant content to segmented customers, so customers will interact more.

What is the importance of segmentation? Check this out: Sending personalized emails improve conversions by 10%and click-though rate by 14%.

Email marketing softwares allow you to send emails individually according to your database. By analyzing customer behaviors and purchase history, sending personalized emails becomes easier and more effective. Personalization will help businesses to increase customer engagement and build trust with your audience.

  • Connect with your customers

Email marketing is a great way to connect with your target customers and build a good relationship with them. When you stay connected with your target audience and speak with them friendly and individually, you will build loyalty and trust. According to Direct Marketing Association, %66 of consumers have made a purchase online because of email marketing message. This means that, email marketing is an effective strategy to generate revenue and leads.

6 free converting email marketing templates.

1) Sendloop

Sendloop Email Marketing Template Example
sendloop email marketing templates

Sendloop’s templates allow you to send perfect emails for your products and events. There is easy-to-organize layout structure, different color and font options to build desired email. It’s customizable, you can change block layouts, fonts and colors as you desire. They are good structured for any email delivery purpose. Sendloop email marketing template lets you to promote your products easily by using ready-to-customize template.

2) Litmus

Litmus Email Templates
Litmus email template examples

Litmus has 24 different templates from different types. There are 4 options about the purpose of the email template, “I want to launch a product”, “I want to sell a product”, “I want to manage accounts” and “I want to market a product”. These templates are perfect for;

  • launching a new product,
  • sell products online,
  • sending product and feature updates,
  • informing customers to upgrade their accounts.

3) Cakemail

Cakemail Email Marketing Templates
Cakemail email template

Cakemail’s templates let users to customize however you want and make them your own. There are many templates like “Thanksgiving”, “Small Business Saturday”, “Flow”, “Structure”. Cakemail email marketing templates are effective because;

  • good structured
  • offers different themes,plenty of templates for many purposes
  • Provides promotional templates for brand’s products.

4) MailChimp

Mailchimp Email Template Examples
mailchimp email templates

You can easily drag, drop, replicate and reorder templates in MailChimp. Also, you can create your own template by using “create a hero” section or you can use predesigned templates. Just pick one of the ready-to-customize templates,add your message and tweak the colors. Then, your email is ready to send!

5) CampaignMonitor

CampaignMonitor Email Marketing Templates
campaignmonitor email template example

You can easily create great, branded campaigns with CampaignMonitor email marketing templates. All you need to do is choosing one of the free templates and customize it. If you want to run a campaign or announce discount, you can use the predesigned templates with showing some of your products.

6) Sendwithus

Sendwithus Email Templates

Sendwithus‘ email marketing templates are open source. This means you can edit them, change them however you want. Templates are responsive, free to use and can be used with any email software.


As you keep e-mail marketing in your marketing strategy, you will increase customer engagement, promote your brand, generate more traffic and increase conversion rate and these 6 e-mail marketing templates provide great benefits like sending personalized e-mails, promoting your discounts and campaigns, editing and designing your emails’ themes and monitoring your marketing performance. So, use these free templates and make your e-mail marketing more effective!

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