and think about what these two close friends come together as eCommerce Personalization.


“34% of e-commerce websites make less than $10k yearly” is a crucial finding in e-commerce market research. This reveals that setting up an e-commerce website doesn't guarantee that you are going to be rich, unlike the common belief. Actually it is quite the contrary, that is only less than 3% of all the e-commerce websites make more than a million. Therefore, you shouldn't fool yourself and make wise decisions and take necessary steps and precautions.


“86% of customers say that personalization plays a role in their purchasing decision” is another important metric. We might go further and claim that for the remaining 14%, personalization again plays an important role but they just don’t notice it since it happens subconsciously. There is no way e-commerce personalization doesn’t affect a customer’s journey on an e-commerce site.


eCommerce Personalization in Action

Customers want to see personalized e-commerce websites and they want their shopping journey to be easier. Also, they want to see relevant products in recommendation widgets in e-commerce websites.

Ecommerce Personalization Approach

  • Monitor in Real-time

    Statistics shows that 88% of eCommerce stores consider real-time marketing as a significant part of their plans. Real-time analytics is one of the efficient ways to increase your conversion rate. All you need to do is tracking the visitors’ actions; this will provide the data in real time to your recommendation software.

  • Understand Customer Behavior

    So we understand that e-commerce personalization is quite important since it affects your customers’ experience and gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers and finally have the engagement that you have been seeking. In today’s world, e-commerce personalization is probably one of the most crucial conversions optimization strategies since your visitors will feel themselves unique which will make them in the end loyal customers and you will maintain that attachment again through e-commerce personalization.

  • Control Personalization Software

    You should be able to change the preset rules based on your needs. You will need to change the style of the coupons you use. Similarly you might want to select the products that will be or that will not be recommended in various product recommendation widgets. This is only available with SaaS tools that has user friendly interface.

  • Personalized Actions

    When you’re adding widgets to your eCommerce website, you should consider some facts about designing and showing these widgets. You need to offer different widgets to different customers. To give an example, you analyze the customer and he/she likes the specific color. If you offer your product in a widget that colored in customers favorite color, this can increase sales.

Understanding user behavior

Before taking any action on your e-commerce personalization plan, you need to understand your customer's behavior in real-time with all their needs. Then, personalization tools will give all answers that you've been looking for.

Ecommerce Personalization Tools


Real-time Conversion Analytics

Monitor your products performance, exactly what you want to see.
Trendify helps you to understand easily what’s going on your website based on real-time monitoring solution.

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Real-time Banner Performance

Monitor your banners performance. Bannerify helps you to check your banners performance in real-time with following the paths of customer journey.

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Personalized Email


Return visitors with personalized website content along with highly targeted email marketing campaigns which converts more visitors into customers.

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Product Offers

The recommendation engine is extremely customizable depending on your customer behavior and conversion goals with personalized product offers to the right person at the right time.

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Exit Popups


Who says that exit popups are dead? People responding exit popups if they personalized for them with targeted offers. Try personalized popups to see how it converts.

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Shopping Cart

Personalized Experience

Most possible Sales with the least possible efforts. Don't lose the abandoned carts with smart personalized retargeted actions based on user data.

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Notification Bar


Promote your most important campaign on top of the page in seconds. Notify your users whenever you want wherever they land.

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Web Push Notification


Bring back your visitors with web push notications. Send web push notifications to segmented users to increase conversions.

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