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Written by Segmentify

24 September 2019




BigCommerce and Segmentify extend their partnership with Personalised Search for Ecommerce

The biggest Ecommerce event passed just last week which hosted over 15,000 delegates at the Olympia in London. Known as the ‘ecommerce event not to be missed’ the speaker’s lineup included the likes of Unilever, Diageo, IBM and many more innovative companies. With over 300 speakers, 250 exhibitors and over 200 hours of content, the Ecommerce Expo was the perfect place to announce our newest solution to make the BigCommerce platform – Personalised Search!

BigCommerce, the leading SaaS ecommerce platform for fast-growing brands announced a feature update with trusted partner Segmentify, the leader in omnichannel personalisation. The feature will allow BigCommerce users to add Personalised Search functionality to their shops, creating a seamless experience for customers. 

This latest addition to the BigCommerce family will offer suggestions on popular products, categories, brands and search keywords before the visitor begins their search – allowing ecommerce shops to highlight the brands and products they prefer. On top of regular search results, Segmentify applies its personalisation algorithms to find out best matching products with the current specific user.

Personalised Search will join the Product Recommendations and Web Push features (already available with BigCommerce) which track each individual visitor and offers product recommendations and messaging tailored to increase average order value and help with both cross-selling and up-selling. 

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