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Written by Yaprak Eken

08 July 2022




My Segmentify Journey: From Intern to Marketing Specialist

It’s been almost 8 whole months since I started working at Segmentify as a Marketing Specialist. However, I’ve been a part of the Segmentify team longer than that, so I figured it’s the perfect time to discuss my experience as an intern and a full-time employee at Segmentify.

After turning my master’s dissertation in, I started going through my options to decide what I wanted to do with my career. And since I’ve always had an affinity for marketing, I wanted to explore that field and see what’s out there. While searching for internship options, I’ve come across Segmentify’s Summer Marketing Internship (a part of the Internify Business Programme) posting on LinkedIn.

The interview process was pretty straightforward. Your application and CV are processed and examined by the necessary people at the company. If the manager thinks you are a fitting candidate, they send you a little case study. The case study was a lot more fun than I thought it’d be. It was designed in such a way to see what the candidate’s strengths lie in. And during the interview, I was told that they thought I’d be great in content marketing and considering everything, it’s safe to say that they were right. This was obviously a great way of building a team of interns where everyone’s strengths and weaknesses complement each other.

It’s best to be completely honest here: I knew nothing about eCommerce. Of course, I knew some things about eCommerce. After all, I was a Business Administration major. I’ve never had any particular interest in eCommerce. That’s all. But an internship is a great way to figure out what you’re interested in. I figured, if anything, this would be a nice challenge for me. And long story short, I got the internship and started working at Segmentify remotely.

I’ve never heard or read anyone discussing this but working remotely as “the new person” is difficult. Because being just a face on the screen kind of makes it difficult to build connections with people. Luckily, everyone at Segmentify (especially my dear Marketing team) is always open to communication. I know that it’s such a cliché to hear this about teams. But that’s the truth I’ve experienced. Everyone at Segmentify is always eager to learn but also eager to teach. This is such an essential thing for a tech company, and this environment is what makes Segmentify a great workplace.

In fact, so many people at Segmentify started as interns! The managers care deeply about giving out “actual” tasks that teach the interns some real things about the job. This was definitely one of the highlights for me as it shows the higher levels’ trust in their employees. It is a work environment that chooses to trust the young talent’s ability to take the initiative and aims to educate and raise dynamic managers out of the said talent.

After the initial training, which took a couple of weeks, all the interns were given tasks based on their talents and what the managers thought they’d be best suited for. Besides preparing articles for the Segmentify Blog, I was handed Segmentify’s social media accounts.

3.5 months went by like this. At the end of the internship, my then-manager expressed his wish to continue working with me and asked me how I felt about the idea. After discussing the matter at length, I’ve accepted the offer and started working full-time at Segmentify as a Marketing Specialist.

While I’ve always enjoyed writing, I’ve never really thought of it as a career option, to be honest. But this is where excellent team management skills come in. During my internship, based on my skill set, I was nudged in the direction of copywriting and copy editing. Then at the end of the internship, I was offered a position in content marketing. Thanks to their resource management skills, I’ve realised my affinity and passion for copywriting and anything content-related.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced while working in content marketing is that I’ve ended up writing and preparing content about things that I’ve never even thought of doing before. One example is the Segmentify 2021 Year in Review infographic we did at the beginning of the year. Sure, I’ve seen similar content countless times over the years on the Internet. Still, I’ve never stopped to think about how one prepares such content.

These kinds of challenges are essential for personal and professional improvement. They are also how you get to know your colleagues. While it was a brand new task for me, the brief was extremely clear, and the feedback from my supervisors for the first draft was immensely helpful. All of this support and constructive feedback made it all easier, not just for me but also for our graphic designer. The result is a task we’re both very proud of.

It is a great joy to create and an even greater pleasure to create alongside energetic and passionate people. I’m more than happy to be working in an environment that encourages curiosity, learning and creativity. I hope this piece of writing gives a good glimpse into what it’s like working in marketing in the tech industry and inspires someone out there to try and test their limits.

The Internify Business Programme is currently not accepting new students. Still, you can always check our career page for any updates or follow Segmentify on LinkedIn to be the first one to get the latest news!

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