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Landing Page Optimization

Landing Pages

Every artist would like other people see his/her art and appreciate it. Likewise, every website owner would like other people on the internet, visit his/her website too. But the question is: where do you want your visitors to land on your website first? This page where people first see on your website after clicking on a link to your site is called landing page.From the beginning first impression is always crucial and people on the internet don’t spend too much time on a single page they tend to jump from page to page. that’s the reason why your landing page should be interesting and attracting for surfers. Landing page optimization helps you achieve this and here is how to do it.

How to Accomplish Landing Page Optimization?

So you have some visitors that come to your website from a search engine or social media or paid ads. You want them to stay on your site as long as possible and take certain desired actions. By the way, you can check the following link to see how to attract traffic to your site.
First of all, make sure that they land on the correct page. Most of the time the landing page is your homepage but it may change depending on your preferences and goals so pay attention to that. Secondly, more than 90% of the visitors decide on leaving the page or not in the first few seconds. That’s why what they see first is really important. You should have some sort of a catchy headline or a UX design which attracts visitors’ attention. After that the content and the design of your page becomes crucial. Once the visitor gets bored in your page after a short time all those efforts for landing page optimization would turn to dust. That’s why to try to be as interesting as possible so that you don’t bore the visitors.

What to do?

Landing page optimization begins with knowing your audience because without knowing who you are presenting the page to you can’t really optimize it. So you should segment your visitors using some tools like Segmentify. After analyzing your audience now you can redirect them to the right landing pages and you know who to expect on this page. The second task is to prepare an attractive and interesting headline. There is a reason why the visitors are on your page and you should give that reason in a consistent yet not boring way in your headline and keep the visitor online. Then comes the design of the page. This includes what kind of a theme the page should have or which images should be put where or even which colors should be used in what context.
Next, you should create the content by taking your target audience into account. Then, it comes to call-to-action. If:

  1. you didn’t scare the visitor away
  2. you somehow got his/her attention
  3. the visitor starts to read the text or look at the images, graphics, charts etc. on your page

then, this means that you have done a good job so far but the content should also be meaningful and the page should be able to keep the visitor still on. Call-to-action plays a crucial role in achieving your ultimate goal. Let’s say, you have some visitors and they are interested in your web page. Now, you should call them to the action that you want your visitors to take.


To sum up, if you have conducted search engine optimizations and performed appropriate marketing strategies you should have some traffic coming to your landing page. When you complete these landing page optimization steps you will have lower bounce rates and greater conversion rates.

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