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Leader in eCommerce Personalisation, Search and Analytics

Segmentify is a Customer Engagement Platform that enables brands to provide hyper-personalised customer experiences. Leading brands like Puma, Ebuyer, Intersports, Celtic, Samsung, Carrefour, Mediamarkt and IKEA choose to work with us because our solutions offer them the chance to personalise and customise on-site and cross-channel marketing campaigns.

G2 reports illustrate our ability to orchestrate customer engagement campaigns at an individual level. According to the G2 Winter 2023 reports, we’ve topped the charts in the following categories: eCommerce Personalisation, eCommerce Search and eCommerce Analytics.

🏆 eCommerce Personalisation – Leader

Personalisation is an implicit process, as it takes place without actively involving the customer in the process. Instead, the website collects data for that one specific customer and then uses it to improve its customer experience constantly.

The goal of personalisation is to offer the most relevant content to the customer. The logic is simple: If relevancy increases, so will conversion rates, however you may be defining them.

For this purpose, Cross-Channel Marketing allows brands to send personalised messages to the right customers at the right time using the correct channels. Other campaigns, such as personalised recommendations, dynamic bundles, social proof and gamification work together to create an integrated personalised customer experience.

🏆 eCommerce Search – Leader

Search is a natural instinct for customers of all ages and backgrounds. The on-site search function reflects your brand. If you want to build a solid customer base, continuously improving and optimising your search’s relevance is a good idea.

When you provide visitors with relevant search results aligned with their queries and interests, they’ll be more satisfied, more engaged, and more likely to convert. With the Search & Discovery solution, brands can optimise their on-site search experiences, ultimately making customers happier.

🏆 eCommerce Analytics – Leader

Being able to track the performance of their products is a must-have for eCommerce businesses since it plays a significant role in preparing the business strategy. Growth & Optimisation assists brands in tracking how well each product, brand, category, etc., is doing. MicroAnalytics Insights helps marketers easily understand what’s happening in the store through real-time monitoring.

Through the MicroAnalytics dashboard, marketers can observe the key metrics on their best-performing products, as well as those that are underperforming. They can also see which referral channels bring in the most value or which discounts/campaigns yield the highest returns.

As a result, Segmentify helps brands take advantage of new trends on the spot or avoid the risks of ineffective campaigns with the help of real-time analytics.

🚀 eCommerce Personalisation (Europe) – High Performer

eCommerce Personalisation is the process of identifying and understanding the needs and preferences of individual customers. Using these insights, eCommerce Personalisation aims to create unique user experiences on an individual basis. 

Segmentify, with the help of its AI-based algorithms, analyses each visitor’s behaviour to understand their tastes and interests and later uses this information to develop these preferences further. As a result, Segmentify makes personalised product recommendations that customers cannot resist, increasing conversion rates and AOV.

⚡️ eCommerce Search – Momentum Leader

The G2 Momentum Grid shows the product growth trajectory over the last year in the products’ respective spaces. Using user satisfaction scores, employee growth and digital presence, Momentum Grid identifies products that are on a high-growth trajectory.

Considering that 43% of eCommerce customers head directly to the search bar or that on-site search is accessed more frequently (78%) compared to the navigation menu (49%), filter feature (37%), and homepage recommendations (30%), on-site search promises a great deal of growth opportunity.

This precisely is why we’re constantly updating and improving the Search & Discovery solution—to be able to answer the ever-growing needs of brands and their customers.

⚡️ eCommerce Analytics – Momentum Leader

eCommerce analytics helps online shopping stores create business strategies based on the behaviour of their customers. As the market grows, online retailers’ needs for personalised solutions increase day by day. Consumers also prefer eCommerce platforms with better UX, and building customer journeys is becoming more complicated as data and industry metrics diversify.

It is, therefore, vital to provide real-time data through an easy-to-use interface and constantly update the analyses. Moreover, it is critical for a solution such as Growth & Optimisation to be updated according to the dynamic needs of the market.

📈 eCommerce Search – Best Estimated ROI

Segmentify set out to offer a comprehensive search experience for eCommerce stores. That’s why we’ve created an all-in complete search suit with personalised searchandising and an intelligent search box.

Searchandising combines merchandising techniques with online search practices for a better and smoother shopping journey. With Personalised Searchandising, brands get to personalise their search areas according to their chosen KPIs and maximise the efficiency of these search areas.

Furthermore, Segmentify’s search algorithms turn the search box into a live billboard by allowing for customisation and personalisation, which is an excellent way to grab even first-time visitors’ attention. To illustrate, the search box can display banners, popular categories, products, brands, etc., based on the brand’s goals.

As a result, Segmentify has earned the eCommerce Search Best Estimated ROI badge based on a combination of estimated time to achieve ROI and time to go live. Segmentify can be integrated in just two days with any eCommerce store. There’s no need for an IT team; a single JS code line does the trick. 

🔗 eCommerce Search – Fastest Implementation

At Segmentify, we are working with over 250 customers in 25+ countries. One of the reasons why our customers love working with us is that Segmentify offers them easy integration and onboarding processes. 

Segmentify can be integrated with any eCommerce website within only a few days without needing an IT team. All you need to do is add a single line of JS code, and Segmentify takes it from there. Campaigns are ready to go live within days!

💪 eCommerce Search – Best Support

The Best Support badge is a testament to Segmentify’s remarkable Customer Success team. Our Onboarding and Customer Success teams are always ready to help our customers get the most out of the Segmentify platform.

Segmentify solutions provide easy and quick implementation, a people-oriented perspective, conversion rate optimisation, increased relevance in product recommendations, increased AOV, fast response times and proactive support by our team of experts.

What’s Next?

Trends and tastes change at an unseen pace. As a result, it’s critical to be one step ahead when reacting to changes in customer behaviour. Contact Segmentify for more detailed information on how our solutions can help elevate your business to the next level. Let’s join forces to change the game!

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