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Trendify by Segmentify is a real-time analytics solution engineered to deliver instant, up-to-date insights into the performance of specific products available on your website. Its wide array of data encompasses overall views, purchase counts, click-through rates across different channels, and the number of add to carts, etc. By conducting meticulous data analysis across product, brand, and category parameters, this tool provides all-encompassing and actionable information.

With Trendify, you gain access to a robust set of 15 analyses and reports. These valuable resources can be utilised to develop effective strategies for social media, paid channel marketing, affiliate marketing, on-site marketing, cross-channel automation, and even stock planning.

Transactional emails are automated messages triggered by user actions or behaviours, such as account creation, purchase confirmation, password resets, and order updates. These emails are a critical component of customer communication and engagement for any eCommerce business.

Transactional emails are typically designed to be informative and action-oriented, with the primary goal of providing the recipient with a relevant and useful update or information related to their interaction with the company. The content of these emails may include order details, shipping information, tracking numbers, or other important updates related to the user’s account or purchase.